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So long summer!  Fall is here! With Plant Therapy!

Welcome to our dedicated Plant Therapy page!

I have used Plant Therapy oils for years now.  I love them and diffuse them every day - both at home and at work.

At least once each day, I will get someone stopping by or walking through my office at work comment on how great the room smells.  It's true; the oils do smell just that good!

I love supporting Plant Therapy because I know their oils are responsibly harvested and are healthy for me and my family.  Plus, there are no monthly minimums to order and they are affordable for our budget.

Saving money on essential oils doesn't mean you are sacrificing responsible sourcing or a quality product.

Plant Therapy is committed to the environment, sensible harvesting, and animal welfare (they never test on animals).

If you have been struggling with paying high prices and annual fees with both Young Living and Doterra, visit the Plant Therapy website.  Do your research and then order a product or two to try from Plant Therapy.  Maybe even become a Product of the Month subscriber (the best way to get oils in my opinion)!

Check out the list below of the newest products and sales.  I will try and update this list as Plant Therapy reaches out to me.

Have questions about Plant Therapy?  Please feel free to message me on my social media channels or drop me an email at

Thank you and here's to a more healthy lifestyle!

Current sales, promotions, and new products!

Back to School Ideas from Plant Therapy!


  • Plant Therapy Shower Mists! (Click image below to visit.)

New Plant Therapy Shower Mists!

  • New Face Care Products! (Click image below to visit.)

Plant Therapy Face Care Expansion 


  • Cedar & Pine Passive Diffuser! (Click image below to visit.)
Plant Therapy's Cedar & Pine Passive Diffuser Set for Fall!


  • Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo! (Click image below to visit.)
Plant Therapy Dry Shampoo - Shop Now!


  • Fall Candles! (Click image below to visit!)

Plant Therapy Fall Candles Are Here!

  • Plant Therapy NEW Harvest Home Linen Spray!
Plant Therapy's NEW home & Linen Spray! 

*From time to time, we will highlight sales and specials from Plant Therapy.  We will also try to keep up to date with Plant Therapy's monthly specials, which you will see as banner ads on our site.  We are a partner with Plant Therapy, and your purchase of Plant Therapy products through our site enables you to help support us in a small way.  Our partnership with Plant Therapy in no way hinders or increases your purchase price(s).  All prices are the same as if purchasing directly with Plant Therapy.  Thank you!

So long summer!  Fall is here! With Plant Therapy!

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