Monday, June 14, 2010


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Is this even possible?

The CVS Sears Gift Card deal I blogged about last night has gotten even SWEETER.  Here's how...

Once you buy your $50 Sears gift card at CVS this week, head over to ShopAtHome's website (click on either the image above or any of my links to earn an EXTRA $5) and shop Sears' on-line store through them.

By shopping at ShopAtHome, you will receive an ADDITIONAL 5% back on your purchase(s)!!  ...and to make this deal a little bit MORE unbelievable...if the CASH BACK (rebate) that Sears sends you can be used on-line, you will be able to shop ShopAtHome's website AGAIN to receive ANOTHER 5% back!

This is probably one of the craziest scenarios ever.  Let's see how this totals out girls...
You are starting out spending $50 at CVS.
You receive $10 back in ECBs.  (You're now down to $40.)
You receive $5 back from joining ShopAtHome.  (You're now down to $35.)
You will receive 5% back from ShopAtHome for shopping at Sears through them.  (Assuming you only spend the required $50 [for the rebate], you will get $2.50 back.)  (You are now down to $32.50)
If you can use the $50 Sears rebate on-line, shop through ShopAtHome AGAIN to save ANOTHER $2.50.  (Your final out of pocket total is now only $30!)
You just got $100 worth of men's clothing items for only $30!  Rememer, this bottom-line figure depends on using Sears' final rebate on-line a second time.  HOWEVER, even if you can't, you still got $100 worth of clothes from Sears for $32.50!

NOT A BAD DAY AT ALL!  Girls....You just came out looking like a champ!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!  (Remember:  Sears has many popular, name brand items such as Dockers and Levis!) Ticker

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