Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL deal--fresche

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Today's Groupon ATL deal is $25 for a women's hair cut and style at fresche salon in Decatur.

Here are some more details...
If hair could talk, it would have a mouth, transforming stylish head wraps into cruel mufflers and skinny headbands into orthodontia. Today's Groupon gives hair a voice without the expensive dental upkeep: for $25, you get a women's hair cut and style at Fresche in Decatur (up to a $75 Value, based on artist experience).
Harnessing the skills of its hair-sculpting artists,Fresche makes a point of clipping each client's skullcarpet into a sleek, chic coiffure. Whether your head knows how it wants to look before you step through the doors or you need help making up your mind about your mindcasing, Fresche's stylists provide an initial consultation to ensure a correct style match before shampooing your filaments, massaging the stress from your scalp, and applying conditioner to make your hair malleable and moldable. After the head shapers scissor up your desired style, your new look will go forth into the world to massage the eyes of low-flying helicopter pilots and style-savvy paragliders with its observable touchability.
Fresche's green practices and eco-friendly philosophy make clients feel as good about their services as they do about their results. The salon features Sebastian Professional products, a line chosen for its ethical production methods and its ability to caress your hair with tender and respectful cloud fingers.

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