Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL deal--Solar Dimensions!

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Today's Groupon Atlanta deal is $39 for one month of unlimited use of the Beauty Angel Full-Body Rejuvenation Booth at Solar Dimensions.

Here are the additional details:
In one of the most miraculous transformations in the natural world, an ugly caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon and emerges six to eight weeks later as either a beautiful butterfly or a much uglier caterpillar. Revel in a more predictable and effective beautifying treatment with today's Groupon: for $39, you get unlimited use of the Beauty Angel Full-Body Rejuvenation booth for one month (a $99 value) at Solar Dimensions. This Groupon is valid at 10 locations, listed in the sidebar.
The Beauty Angel Full-Body Rejuvenation treatment consists of quick, 12-minute sessions of vibration and photo-rejuvenation technology. Special red lights (no UV rays are emitted) tuned at 633 nanometers will blast wrinkles and restore collagen, while the professional-grade vibration platform strengthens your core, tones muscles, increases metabolism, and boosts circulation. Solar Dimension suggests three 12-minute sessions per week to not only improve your physical appearance, but to also work below the skin to do some inner push-ups and wellness workouts for an overall sense of vigor.
Unlike unstable vibrating hovercrafts, this FDA-approved skin-rejuvenation treatment has a myriad of full-body benefits, including the reduction of cellulite and harsh effects of the environment, improved flexibility, and the relief of muscle tension. Other procedures that provide the same amount of benefits usually involve a mortgage or donation of a leg. For a fitter you, just step into the modern ambience of Solar Dimensions and relax in the upright Beauty Angel booth, dreaming about the questionable dance move you'll bust out when you triumphantly emerge 12 minutes later with fresher skin and stronger extremities.

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