Friday, September 10, 2010

Today's kgb ATL Deal - $7.50 for $10 worth of Indian cuisine at Niramish!

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Today's kgb deals for Atlanta is $7.50 for $10 worth of genuine Indian cuisine from Niramish.  Niramish is located on Euclid Avenue in Atlanta.

Here are some more details:
With a menu as expansive as the South Asian continent itself, Niramish Indian Cuisine is the place for the uninitiated Indian food sampler to the very well curried. From literally dozens of curries, makhani specials, soups, vegetarian dosas, pulao, biryani, the city’s best samosas, and much more, your options for perfectly spiced, well-prepared dishes are endless. Very vegetarian-friendly (niramish means vegetables in Bengali), the kitchen now also turns out flawlessly done chicken, lamb, and fish dishes. All the options have the potential to overwhelm, but the friendly, gracious servers can help guide you to something you’ll love. Today's kgbdeals voucher gets you a happy 50% off Niramish’s already fair prices.

kgb agent insider tip:

Though a relative newcomer to the area, Niramish is spot-on partly because of the experience behind it—it’s owned by the same people as Panahar Bangladeshi Cuisine, Atlanta’s other well-loved Indian spot.
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