Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's kgb ATL Deal - Hollywood Tans - Atlanta!

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Today's Atlanta kgb deal is for Hollywood Tans - Atlanta- $20 for $40 worth of tanning, UV-free Mystic spray tan, lotions, and more!

Here are the details:
Logic dictates that to achieve a high quality tan, you must visit a high quality tanning salon. Today’s kgbdeal offers half price tanning at Hollywood Tans Atlanta, the hands down fastest, cleanest, and most effective place to get your bronze on. Your voucher can be used at any of four convenient locations.

Hollywood Tans Atlanta only uses high power stand up booths because they are more efficient and emit fewer damaging UVB rays (fewer than 8%). The salon is immaculate, and the bulbs are changed frequently for the most intense tanning results. Choose from a variety of options and power levels – the friendly and knowledgeable employees will help you choose the best way to achieve your desired golden brown results. You can also purchase powerful tanning lotions to heighten the experience.

kgb agent insider tip:

Many people experience Vitamin D deficiencies during the winter months, and indoor tanning naturally provides the body with this vital nutrient.
To take advantage of this deal, you can visit the kgb deals Atlanta website. Ticker

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