Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today's Living Social deal--Facelogic Spa

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Here is today's deal from Living Social.  The neat thing about this site is that if you can find three (3) friends who also want this deal, you'll get it for **FREE!**

Today's deal is a 50-minute signature facial and lip balm treatment for $40 (a $95 value) from facelogic!  Facelogic has two (2) locations:  Roswell and Kennesaw.  Here are some more details:
Parents are getting really creative these days when it comes to tricking their kids into eating those fruits and veggies -- spinach and carrot brownies, anyone? We've already got the food pyramid down, but appreciate that mind-mending mentality. So instead of thinking of that day at the spa as a luxury, think of it as necessity. See what we did there? We just turned a want into a need (you might want to take notes here). Without further ado, pay a visit to Facelogic Spa in Roswell and Kennesaw and get a signature facial with cranberry masque and lip balm treatment for $40 (a $95 value). This 50-minute facial consists of two masks and an upper-body massage, while the lip treatment soothes and softens your puckers. Plus, while you're on this path to health, they'll throw in a lip treatment. It may seem like you're indulging, but we assure you, it's for your own good.

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