Sunday, November 14, 2010

UPDATE: Office Depot - Money Maker Energizer Battery Deal!

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This week, Office Depot is offering **FREE** Energizer Batteries after rebate.  However, there is a way to make this a money maker.  Here is how to work the battery scenario:
  • Visit your local Office Depot store
  • Buy two (2), AAA 20-pack battery packs (limit 2) - $12.99
  • Buy two (2), AA 20-pack battery packs (limit 2) - $12.99 each
  • Use this Office Depot printable coupon for $10 off $50
  • (Your Out of Pocket cost will be $41.96)
  • Submit for the Office Depot Worklife Reward on these items (if you're not a member, you can create an account--it's **FREE**)
  • Receive: $51.96 back in Worklife Rewards
  • Final Price = $10 money maker
I know it looks like a lot of steps, but it's fairly easy.  That's 80 batteries, just in time for the holidays!  ...and Office Depot is paying you to take them!  Enjoy!

*UPDATE:  According to the Office Depot PDF, which lists all the **FREE** items available this week (and it is A LOT), you can buy two of each of these deals per day!  So, you would end up putting out $280, but earn $70 in the end.

I've done this before with Staples, and I got my **FREE** batteries every day.  If you can afford the initial outlay of the $280 and can keep up with submitting the Worklife Rewards, it is definitely worth it.

**Additional Update:  This deal can be done on-line.  I didn't list it that way initially because I keep getting stuck with a $10 delivery charge because the coupon brought my total down to under $50.  However...that said...if you will look at the PDF of all the **FREE** items Office Depot is giving away this week, you could add any of those **FREE** items to your cart to get over the $50 minimum.

Also, remember...all these items are available to you to purchase EVERY DAY (limit 2 per day). 

One other thing to remember is that you will not be receiving CASH back for these purchases.  You will be receiving Worklife Rewards back.  Which is money you can only spend at Office Depot.  Of course, that is really no big deal when you think of all the things office stores carry these days...heck, printer ink alone will probably use up all your Rewards dollars anyway!

I know this is a lot of jargon, so if you don't understand what I'm saying or how to do this deal, please contact me, and I will walk you through it!

Have fun!  I haven't seen so many **FREEBIES** ever from an office supply store! Ticker

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