Thursday, December 9, 2010

Georgiou Studio - In-Store or On-Line!

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Today's Mamapedia Sweet Deal is $25 for $50 worth of chic European-styles from jeans to that little black dress at Georgiou Studio (in-store or on-line):
There’s nothing like an impending holiday party to send any woman straight into a fashion-induced panic, inspecting and discarding every piece of apparel she owns. This season, don’t wait until the last minute to try and dig up a hidden gem from the depths of your closet: stock up on guaranteed confidence-boosters at Georgiou Studio. With today’s Sweet Deal, you can get European-inspired designer duds on a ready-to-wear budget: $25 gets you $50 worth of chic women’s clothing from this highly acclaimed boutique.
Want to knock their socks off with a little black dress that looks like it was made just to flatter your figure? Ready to finally put an end to that decade-long search for the perfect pair of jeans? Or maybe you need a fashionable finishing touch to transform your ensemble from mediocre to mind-boggling. Georgiou has hundreds of amazing, original designs, each of which is meticulously created by a highly talented design team under George Georgiou’’s scrupulous direction.
We can’t all be European models, but thanks to Georgiou Studio we can dress the part, without shelling out designer prices. Inject some color, personality, and panache into your wardrobe with versatile, timeless pieces. Suddenly, getting ready for this year’s holiday party will become a pleasure instead of a pain.

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