Friday, December 10, 2010

Plan to Plate - Very Cool Idea and Offer!

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Have any of you heard of this company?  I haven't, but really?  Really?  Can this be true?  Listen to's Mamapedia Sweet Deal is $25 for meal planning and personalized grocery shopping for three (3) planned meals by plan to plate.

Seriously?  Can this be true?  Here's what they say:
Home-cooked meals are great and you’re generally pretty good about cooking, but when life gets in the way – whether because of holidays or too many kids’ after school activities – actually planning a meal becomes more difficult than cooking it. And if you do find a great recipe somewhere, you end up  looking in the cupboards and finding that you’re missing the key ingredients.
What you need is someone to come up with a plan of action for your meals AND do the shopping for you. What you need is Plan to Plate – and with today’s Sweet Deal, you can have meal shopping and planning done for you at half the price. For only $25, Plan to Plate will plan three meals for you and shop for all the ingredients (normally a $50 value).
Here’s how it works: menu planning begins with a personal consultation, so that Plan to Plate owner Ashli Price can get to know your food preferences and goals. The step-by-step recipes that accompany each dish are customized to suit your tastes, time constraints, and how comfortable you feel in the kitchen.
Ashli will work with you to put together a shopping list that fits your needs and budget, and before you know it you’ll have just the right ingredients for your meals – ready to be turned into amazing meals!

Wow....I have been searching for this woman!  Where has she been?  Have any of you tried this?  Three meals planned out for me (and shopped for) for $25?  That's only $8/meal.  Almost sounds too good to be true!

To check it out, visit the Mamapedia website.  *Remember, 5% of your purchase(s) are donated to your favorite preschool or school. Ticker

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