Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sno Flake Ice House - Hot Drinks and Cool Treats - $2.50!!

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Today's Kgb deals offering is $2.50 for $5 worth of hot drinks and cool treats from the Sno Flake Ice House on North Highland Avenue in ATL:
Many popular singers associate with people who suffer extreme temperature fluctuations, and complain of their comrades being hot and then cold in a matter of moments. If you have similar issues, then perhaps a trip to Sno Flake Ice House can successfully compose wacky internal body weather. Warm up with some toasty hot chocolate, chai, tea, or coffee before you increase the chill factor by sampling some flake ice. This new and exciting hybrid of melt-in-your-mouth goodness combines all the creaminess of ice cream with the low-cal and lightness of frozen yogurt to create a unique taste that will satisfy your sweet craving without ruining your diet. Sample fruit- or chocolate-topped creations such as Kiwi Dramatic, Coffee Addiction, Green Tea Delight, and Naner Naner (sliced bananas and chocolate syrup).
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