Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cowtippers - $20 for $40 Worth of Food and Drinks!

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Today's Juice in the City deal is from Cowtippers (yes, that's the name of the restaurant!) - $20 for $40 worth of food and drinks:
Hungry a lot? Like to eat out now and then so your dishes and silverware can take the night off? Why not give yourself and the family a good old-fashioned dose of fun and great dining at Cowtippers?! For only $20 you'll get $40 worth of appetite-taming grub at this innovative restaurant that's known to please a wide variety of diners, from the very young to those long in the tooth. If any one word could some up Cowtippers it would be most likely be: Surprise. Established in 1993, Cowtippers was conceived as a casual steak house in a "honky tonk" atmosphere. The original brick walls and aged wood of the 60-year old building were accented with electric art and artifacts, while a Texas-sized patio was constructed around a giant river birch tree. Fast forward to 2011 and Cowtippers is a home to traditional steak house fare served with innovative, creative twists in a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. And the prices are great! At Cowtippers you will find quality serv ice and a unique fun flair to its menu. From their "Quick Draw" starter menu featuring 3 types of HUGELY delicious nachos, hummus, spinach dip, and Armadillo Eggs, to their "Greener Pastures" menu where those who are more veggie-minded will find wonderful salad selections, you'll have no trouble adding to or straying away from the vast selction of burgers and U.S.D.A steaks that never fail to make the carnivores smile...almost too gleefully. Round up your crew of eaters and head on over for some good eatin'!

Cowtippers is located in ATL on Piedmont Ave.  To check out today's deal, visit the Juice in the City website! Ticker

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