Saturday, January 22, 2011

kgb deals National Deal - $10 for $20 toward Portable, Fashionable, and Foldable Satin Flats!

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Yes, that title said foldable.  I, myself, have never heard of this website or these shoes before, but I guess it's a popular thing? is the deal--today's kgb deals national offer is $10 for $20 toward these portable, fashionable, and foldable satin flats:
Now we’re not positive, but we’re pretty sure feet aren’t supposed to curl into the capital letter C after kicking off our shoes at the end of the day. It might be time to give those heel-fatigued feet a little relief. Feel as graceful as a ballerina and as comfortable as wearing slippers with foldable ballet flats from Fit in Clouds and today’s kgbdeal of $10 for $20 worth of shoes. Adorable and practical, the flats come in a myriad of colors and embellishments so you don’t have to sacrifice style for ease. Try a solid color like black or gold, regularly priced at $19.95 or pay just a few dollars more for a hint of sparkle like sequins or jewels valued at $21.95-$24.95. Every pair comes with a matching pouch, making them even more portable and fashionable. Switch from heels to flats in a flash during formal events, the commute, while driving, traveling, or any other time your aching feet are looking for a reprieve. Shoes are durable and can be worn over and over again, inside and outside, and have a split sole that comforts and protects feet. Wearing heels is a whole lot more comfortable with Fit In Clouds.

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I guess it sounds a little interesting...if you've tried these before, drop me a comment and let me know how they are....

Visit the kgb deals website to check them out for yourself!  Enjoy Ticker

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