Monday, January 17, 2011

Mirra's Salon - $40 for $95 Worth of Hair Services in Woodstock!

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Today's kgb deals offer for ATL is $40 for $95 worth of hair services from Mirra Salon in Woodstock:
When Jodi was asked to remove her hat at the dinner table, a terrible confrontation ensued resulting in an unfortunate incident involving the peach cobbler. Aunt Sue assumed she was just being rude; little did she know the horrifying truth — Jodi has out-of-control hair. Have a peaceful dinner and gain some control with $95 worth of hair services for $40 from Mirra Salon in the Atlanta Metro area. Be proud of the hair on your head and avoid unnecessary confrontations with a little help from Mirra Salon.
Okay, that was weird...but you can still get more information at the kgb deals website....Good luck! Ticker

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