Friday, February 4, 2011

Plum District - National - Geek Squad Tech Support! - $50 for On-line Support!

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Very cool plum district deal for today!  Sorry to be posting it so late!  (I've been gone all day.)
Your gadgets can sometimes develop minds of their own and play games with you. Don't get caught empty-handed when they do: call in the Geek Squad.
You may have made fun of them in high school, but these Geeks don't hold it against you. The Geek Squad—an army of tech installers, repairers, and experts—is ready to help you with practically any issue. Keep viruses and other nasty stuff off your PC with Virus & Spyware Removal (valued at $149.99). Take control of your remote with Remote Control Setup for Logitech or Harmony remotes (valued at $99.99). Heck, they'll even set up online backup services so you won't lose all your documents, photos, and music if your computer goes on strike (Backup & Online Storage, valued at $69.99).
You don't have to face down the machines alone. The Geek Squad's got your back.

Very nice to see a daily deal on The Geek Squad.  Visit the plum district website to snag this deal. Ticker

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