Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plum District - National - Pulp Factory - - $49 for a Deluxe Home Teeth-Whitening Kit!

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Today's plum district deal is from - $49 for a deluxe home teeth-whitening kit:
Smiling is the best way to put someone at ease or to make an attractive first impression. (And what's more romantic on Valentine's Day than getting a genuine, full-on smile out of the one you love?) But if you're self-conscious about your teeth, smiling can be a fraught affair.
The My Life My Smile XVR 2020 teeth whitening kit includes everything you need to get whitening results at home that are close to what you'd get after spending hundreds of dollars more and sitting in a dentist's chair. You get upper and lower thermoform trays that mold to your teeth, 10cc's of carbamide peroxide bleaching gel (enough for about 10 treatments), a blue mini-LED light to speed up the whitening process, and three cc's of remineralizing gel to help eliminate sensitivity and protect your enamel — not to mention a compact, blue case for storing and carrying it all.
The My Life My Smile whitening system gets the thumbs-up from users — 99% are very satisfied. Join their ranks and smile freely whenever you feel like it!

I've always wondered if these things work.  If you know, drop me a line!  Visit the plum district website to get more details or to purchase. Ticker

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