Wednesday, March 9, 2011

kgb deals - ATL - Laleo's Body Massage Spa - $35 for Your Choice of 60-Minute Deep Tissue, Swedish, or Fusion Massage!

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Today's kgb deals for ATL is $35 for your choice of one (1) 60-minute deep tissue, Swedish, or fusion massage from Laleo's Body Massage Spa:
Massage therapy is one of those rare health practices that is so enjoyable it feels indulgent. Support your mind, your body, and your soul at Laleo’s Body Massage Spa and enjoy a therapeutic Deep Tissue, Swedish, or fusion massage for only $35. Laleo’s understands the impact that your mental health has on your physical well-being. Massage therapy obviously soothes muscles and releases deeply embedded knots, but it also contributes to a deeper sense of contentment in your life. Massage can release tension in your joints, ease stress, and help you to boost immunity. Treat your whole body to a restorative rubdown and reap the benefits in almost every facet of your life, from less stress to increased defense against germs.  
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  1. what a bargain. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to get myself a spa treat. I have always wanted to do spa but it was too expensive. I have to say you are very good at finding bargains.