Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living Social - Baskin Robbins - $10 to Spend on Ice Cream and Specialty Desserts!

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Wow!  Today's Living Social deal for ATL is $10 to spend on ice cream and specialty desserts at Baskin Robbins:
Ronald Reagan may have designated July as National Ice Cream Month back in 1984, but we think it's appropriate to scream for our favorite frozen treat any month of the year. Brighten up your day with today's deal from Baskin Robbins: $10 to spend on ice cream and other frozen treats for just $5 at the Sandy Springs CityWalk location. Enjoy one or more of the 31 famous flavors, or mix it up by ordering another tasty offering, including soft serve, sundaes, smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, cakes, and more. Give your tummy a big scoop of happiness and snag this deal.

Sounds SO yummy!  To purchase, you can visit the Living Social website.

*Remember, if you get three friends to buy this purchase with you, yours is **FREE!**  Happy eating! Ticker

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