Sunday, April 17, 2011

ScoopMama - The Scarlet Robin - Three Original Personalized Pieces of Jewelry - 47% Off!

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How pretty, and just in time for Spring!  Today's Scoop Mama deal is 47% off three (3) original personalized pieces of jewelry from The Scarlet Robin!

Mamas kiss countless boo boos, scare away monsters and drive all over town for play dates and soccer games. Once a year, we collectively stop and remember how much we appreciate our Mamas on Mother's Day.

With Today's Scoop, give Mama something that will make her smile every time. She'll keep her children close to her heart with high quality personalized sterling silver and copper jewelry from Scarlet Robin. Choose from 3 styles of handmade to order pieces for only $50.

If you are a Mama, whisper in your kid's ear to tell your special someone about this amazing deal. Better yet, forward it to them with a big ol' hint so they don't miss out!

You won't find these beautifully hand-crafted pieces in the back ad section of a magazine. Each unique design is made of heavy, finely-finished silver and copper and created to reflect a Mama's unconditional love. Your personalized necklace or bracelet will be lovingly hammered and stamped by the two talented women behind Scarlet Robin, Jenifer Gallagher and Jillian Anderson. We love supporting small businesses owned by Mamas!

Choose from one of three original designs:
The Mini Love My Kids necklace
This best-selling piece is loved by new Mamas, old-hat Mamas and Grandmas alike. A version of this design was featured in Babytalk magazine’s Mother's Day issue. A copper free-floating heart over a ¾-inch disc holding one name of up to 5 lowercase letters (or up to 5 lowercase initials separated by dots) on a 16” delicate silver chain. The hand-cut heart is hammered and gently domed before being slightly oxidized and glazed. The bead charm features a clear Swarovski crystal. Optional upgrades include adding a second stacking disc for more personalization, or selecting a heavier chain.

The Silver Spring Flower initial necklace
This adorable Spring Flower initial necklace is the perfect gift for someone who likes simple, classic pieces. Few can say no to a monogrammed sweet bloom. A great idea for a young girl's graduation or birthday present. You'll receive a sterling silver hand cut bloom that measures 5/8" diameter, with a center holding one uppercase initial in the font shown. Includes an 18" delicate sterling silver chain.

Silver Link Charm Bracelet 
This precious bracelet is made of medium weight sterling silver links, and measures 7.25" long (including the sterling silver lobster clasp). In the middle of the bracelet are positioned two 1/2" sterling silver discs, each with one name of up to 6 letters. On the left is a Swarovski Pearl charm, and on the right a clear Swarovski crystal charm. Discs have a soft, matte, brushed finish. Upon ordering, you will have the option to purchase additional silver discs and bead charms. Also available as upgrades are a longer bracelet length, adjustable length, or a heavier weight link chain & clasp. A perfect gift for the Mama with lots of kids!

As a Mama myself, I'm hoping my kids will let me sleep in, have breakfast in bed, give me a really thoughtful card drawn with crayons and a beautifully hand-crafted necklace from Scarlet Robin.
Orders for Mother's Day must be placed by April 24, and will be mailed by regular USPS on or before May 2, 2011. Expedited delivery and some upgrade options are available during the order process.

As with all handmade products, variation should be expected in terms of letter placement or exact shape of heart, flower or tag. These qualities are what make each piece unique and personal.

Sounds great!  Visit the ScoopMama website for more details.  Enjoy! Ticker

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