Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pixar Unveils New Trailer for BRAVE!

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So, have you heard about the next Pixar movie?  It's called BRAVE, and it's looks amazing.

You can visit the official Brave facebook page (though not very many people have discovered it yet--only 185 Likes so far) and look at movie pictures/stills and hear directly from Pixar about this new movie.

In the meantime, visit my friend Amanda Tinney's Disney website, Disney Every Day, and watch the movie trailer Pixar recently released.  Once you see it, you'll understand what all the buzz is about!

*...and speaking of BUZZ, on the official Brave faebook page, Pixar recently confirmed that Toy Story 4 is coming and will be released in November 2013!  YES!

Enjoy the clip! Ticker Ticker

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