Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rack Room Shoes - **FREE** Gift to the First 50 Customers!

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I like this!  Nice deal, and you get to win something along the way!

The first 50 customers at each Rack Room Shoe store, who make a purchase, will each receive a gift.  It could be one of three things:
  • **FREE** shoes for a year
  • A two-minute shopping spree
  • A promotional gift card
You can't lose with any of those gifts, so if you are going out tonight for Black Friday shopping, it is worth your while to hit a Rack Room Shoes store first.  (The catch with this deal, though, is that you have to buy something.  I would get in line, get in the store, and buy the cheapest item you can find to get your **FREE** gift.  Then, go back and get the shoes you need.)

They also have a coupon out for 20% off a purchase of $60 or more.  You can go to the Rack Room Shoes website to download and print.

Enjoy and good luck! Ticker

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