Monday, April 16, 2012

Soldiers, Cookies, and The Crumbs - New Book by Treat the Troops Founder

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I am so excited to post this tonight.

Jeanette Cram, founder of Treat the Troops, a nonprofit military organization I am privileged to be involved with, has released a new book detailing her history with Treat the Troops, how she founded it, and how men and women all across the country are involved in helping her reach troops across the globe. 

Right now, the book is only available in an electronic, Kindle format, but if reading electronically isn't your thing, the book will be available via paperback in the near future.  (You can sign up on Amazon by clicking the links below to be alerted when it is released.)

For now, here is a brief except from Amazon's site:
"Send cookies and letters," wrote a young soldier to his mother, never realizing that President George H.W. Bush would read his letter in a televised speech on September 11, 1990. That one sentence inspired Jeanette Cram to begin baking cookies for deployed soldiers. Soldiers, Cookies & the Crumbs tells the story of Treat the Troops, which, begun by Jeanette, now includes hundreds of volunteers, known as the Crumbs. Together they have sent nearly three million home-baked cookies to servicemen and -women around the world, and the baking continues. Proceeds from Soldiers, Cookies & the Crumbs will go to support Treat the Troops.
I hope you will stop and take a minute to pick up this book, in either Kindle format or paperback, and in turn help support a great cause like Treat the Troops.  It's easy to send cookies overseas to the troops asking for them, but it's not so easy finding the money to do so.

This book gives Treat the Troops an open door and opportunity to fund those boxes of cookies.  Click on the links below to visit Amazon's website and purchase this new book by Jeanette Cram. Ticker

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