Monday, May 14, 2012

Target - Incredibly CHEAP (a.k.a. ALMOST **FREE**) Deals!

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I normally do not post coupon match-ups because of my lack of time (and the plethora of coupon-matching websites out there), but these were just too good to pass up!

If you don't think Target is a great place for **FREEBIES,** think again.  My two best stores for grocery & misc. **FREEBIES,** are Publix and Target.  IMHO, the best Target website out today is Totally Target.

If you've never been there, surf over, check it out, and sign up for her daily e-mail digest.  It's time for you to unlock the mysteries of Target!

To give you just a small sampling of how delightful Target can be, check out the deals below:
*Thanks to Hip2Save for reposting these from Totally Target! Ticker

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