Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Surveys E-Mail Alerts are Here! Swagbucks Gives You More Ways to Earn!

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Way to go Swab Bucks!  Now you can have earning opportunities delivered right to your e-mail.

I love this option because it eliminates the need to remember heading over to the Swag Bucks website to look for the surveys.  With this new addition to Swag Bucks, they bring the potential to earn to you.  What a great idea.

To get started, just go to the "My Settings" area of Swagbucks.com and select the "Survey Profiles" tab - sign up for e-mail surveys and confirm your e-mail address.  Then, you can complete 16 different surveys that will help ensure that you get relevant surveys sent to you.  (Those profiles are worth 2 Swag Bucks each!)

Once you're finished, you'll receive surveys directly to your e-mail and get rewards when you complete them!

Good look and happy Swag Buck-ing!

*Click on the image above to visit your Swag Buck account (or to sign up).

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