Tuesday, June 29, 2021

New Giveaway! Pureflix **FREE** Six-Month Subscription!


Here we grow again!

It's summer, and summer brings all kinds of fun things to mind.  One thing all of us think about during summer vacations are summer camps.  And, lucky for us, Pure Flix is holding a Family Camp this summer for all of us.

I don't know about you, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to find good family programming on tv anymore.  If someone isn't shedding their clothes or taking God's name in vain, then my favorite channels and TV shows are adding in story lines and characters I don't agree with morally.  I'm exhausted from having to be on guard against these things, and honestly, I hate having to give up "my" shows because they are adding in story lines I disagree with.

That's why I was so thrilled to find out that Pureflix (who offers the largest variety of God-honoring content anywhere) is going to be holding a Family Camp.  Here are some of the details in case you and/or your family would like to participate along with ours:

  • It's going to be six weeks (including a bonus 7th week!) of family activities including games, movie nights, devotionals, and discussion questions!

  • There is a **FREE** Family Camp Guide to help you and your family grow and meet other families in the #PureFlixFamilyCamp community!

  • You can engage in the BEST curated family games, cooking activities, discussion questions, and movie night offerings this summer!

  • There will be movie options available for everyone in your family, from Grandparents to younger siblings.

  • Plenty of discussion questions to help you and your family grow in your faith and make impacts in your family, community, and world.

  • Weekly activities that will help you spend quality time together while sharing experiences and growing in your Bible knowledge!
To kick off the Pure Flix Summer Camp, we are working with Pure Flix and Momentum Influencers to give away one **FREE** six-month membershipClick here to enter our contest and take a chance at wining!  (You may also click on the image below to enter.)

Want to participate in the Pure Flix Summer Camp but don't know too much about this awesome TV channel?  Here are some fun facts:
  • Pure Flix offers the largest variety of God-honoring content anywhere on the internet.  In a rapidly changing world, it's good to know there is a channel, TV shows, and movies that stick to morals and beliefs that align with Scripture.  No more being on guard against what a TV show or channel might try to sneak into our homes.

  • Right now, Pure Flix is offering savings up to 30% off!

  • Once subscribed, you'll be able to get a full year of God-honoring content streamed to any of your devices.

  • For a limited time, you can also save up to 23% on monthly memberships!

  • Pure Flix will keep your family encouraged, engaged, and entertained all summer.
Want to check it out and sign up for a free trialJust follow this link and you'll be on your way!  I am super excited about Pure Flix's Family Camp this summer.  I hope you are too!

*Don't forget to click the link above to enter into our sweepstakes to win a six-month free membership trial!

Have questions?  Please e-mail us or leave us a comment below.  I'm looking to a great new way to view family-safe and God-honoring content!

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