Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Ain't Too Proud Plays to Interactive, Energized Crowd on Opening Night


Last night, David and I were blessed to be able to attend the opening night of Broadway in Atlanta's presentation of "Ain't to Proud, the Life and Times of the Temptations."

I was so excited to attend this show.  All day, I had Alexa playing Temptations songs ("Alexa, play the Temptations.").  I was ready.

As a PR blogger, I do have the "job" of attending many musicals in Atlanta, but I don't think I've ever been as excited to attend one as I was last night.  I mean, who doesn't love The Temptations, right? The Temptations are the top R&B group in American music history.  Everyone knows their hits, and you can probably sing them in your sleep.

So seeing Atlanta's Fox Theatre full last night was not a surprise.  I don't recall many empty seats around where we were sitting.  The mood was electric from the time we sat down.  People seemed to be happy and chatty.  Our seatmates began conversation immediately.  It was a nice change from the past few years, but I do think that some of this infectious energy had to do with the show we were about to watch.

Check out this clip from ABC's, "The View," where the Broadway cast sang for Whoopi's birthday show.  The energy is palatable:

The Temptations began their careers in the 1960s, scoring their first #1 hit with "My Girl," written by the infamous Smokey Robinson.  From that moment until now (yes, 2022), it has been a steady career of hits and history making music for the Temptations.  In fact, the Temptations are still led by their founding member Dr. Otis Williams, who is 80!!

Check out this performance by The Temptations at our Country's birthday celebration a few years ago:

(If you want to learn a more detailed history about The Temptations, click on the link above to browse their history from their official website.  Sixty years of history is more than I can surely input here!)

Ain't Too Proud brings the story of The Temptations to the stage in such a way that makes you feel for all the characters - their highs, their lows (i.e., substance abuse, physical ailments, relationship issues), their achievements, and their struggles.

When you interlace these personal and professional stories with the history of Motown and Detroit and then include all their most popular hits, you end up with a show that leaves audiences wanting more and an encore.  (I think this is the first musical I have wanted an encore.)

Courtesy:  Youtube

As expected, the choreography was OUTSTANDING (in fact, it won a Tony Award); the music is flawless; and the story line is enlightening.  Several people around us all agreed - we had NO IDEA what this group transpired through and overcame.

Many times through the musical people raised their hands, danced, rose to their feet, and at several points, you could hear the entire Fox Theatre singing along.  Ain't Too Proud is a lot of fun mixed with a high-level of interactive energy.

It is truly an amazing show.  It will leave you wanting MORE of the personalities and the music but also with a realization that the people we often see in the spotlight are just as human as we are with the same fragilities.

Check out this clip from the 2019 Tony Awards to get a bit more understanding:

Ain't Too Proud plays Atlanta's The Fox Theatre for one week only. Tickets are still available and start at only $40 a ticket.

Do yourself a favor and go see this musical while it's in town.  The performers in this show are some of the most talented in the business.  Wow; they are just amazing.  You will leave on a high and almost a closeness to those around you sharing the same feelings of humanity and good times.

It is definitely a must-do Atlanta item this week!

*Disclaimer: We were provided tickets to see Ain't Too Proud in exchange for promotion and reviews.  This review is nonbiased and solely our own opinions.

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