Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Good Morning BALTIMORE!


Good morning Baltimore!  ...or maybe it was, "GOOD EVENING ATLANTA!" when Tracy Turnblad jumped out of her bed last night at Atlanta's Fox Theatre to a packed and cheering house.

Being a Hairspray "virgin," I had no idea what was in store for me last night.  My date for the evening was one of my best friends who has LOVED Hairspray since its first inception.

She knew all the songs and characters.  She asked everyone around us if they loved Hairspray as much as she did, and she sang and "seat" danced through the entire production.  She was not alone.

Many patrons raised their hands, hoot and hollered, cheered, sang, and seat danced along with the cast last night. And I will say that I loved the musical and became a fan myself last night as well.

As is the case with most Broadway musicals, the talent for Hairspray is off the charts.  I am always amazed at how these individuals can exert so much physicality - dancing and singing - and then belt out lines and solos with effectively no huffing or puffing.  Every time I leave a show, I say, "I cannot believe the talent I just witnessed!"

Last night was no exception.  Niki Metcalf is stunning at her portrayal of Tracy Turnblad, a classic figure in American cinematic and theater history.  Everyone knows Tracy, and Niki did not fail in bringing life to the character and carrying on the tradition started by Ricki Lake in 1988.

Please visit Niki on Instagram (link above) for some fun content and to see the talent this girl possesses! 

For more fun and to see the origins of Hairspray, check out this vintage movie trailer found on the internet:

What else can one say after that trailer?  This story is an American classic.  A story of race-torn Baltimore in 1962.  A TV dance show akin to Philadelphia's American Bandstand.  Picket lines, racial inequality, and a rousing happy ending where everyone comes together.

Our troubled times could stand to revisit Hairspray and learn how we can live together in today's modern era, accepting the differences between us and even celebrating them.

As I mentioned above a few minutes ago, the Cast for this tour are amazing, each in their own right.  Talent above par.

I'd like to highlight them all (because they ALL deserve their own shoutout), but time and space do not allow - so for now, here are two you must take note of and follow on social media:

  • Andrew Levitt (Edna Turnblad) - Lovely, just lovely.  Great portrayal of Edna Turnblad.  Wonderful and endearing.  Provides comic relief and emotion at one point with the duet, "(You're) Timeless to Me" with Wilbur Turnblad (Ralph Prentice Daniel).

  • Asabi Goodman (Motormouth Maybelle) - There are NO words to describe the talent Asabi brings to the table for ballads such as, "I Know Where I've Been."  I was dumbfounded there was not a standing ovation for her last night after this song.  We were truly taken to church.  I can't wait to follow Asabi and her future projects.  I am a new fan for sure!

Hairspray plays The Fox Theatre through Sunday, June 4th.  It is a great family event to attend.  No nudity and light sexual innuendos that would probably go over most kids' heads.  Profanity is low as well (almost nonexistant).

Our crowd last night consisted heavily of female groups seeing the musical together, but I also saw a lot of Mother-Daughter dates around me as well.  A truly feel good night out in the City for any family member.

Visit the Fox Theatre website to purchase your tickets before this amazing group of people leave town.  I would hate for you to miss the fun and experience of Baltimore 1962!

Thank you to Regions Bank and Broadway in Atlanta for making this event possible!

*I was provided with two tickets to opening night strictly for promotion purposes.  This review is my personal opinion and write up with no influence from the PR company, sponsors, or touring company.

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