Amazon Hub

How often do you shop on Amazon?  If you are like me and the rest of us - it can be a lot some days or even some weeks.

Did you know many of your favorite companies are owned by Amazon?  Amazon is a HUGE company with a lot of outreach.  It's also one of the biggest opportunities for small business entrepreneurs.  (Most of the items you find on Amazon are made by small business entrepreneurs!)

If you follow our facebook page, (Birch & Burlap), you know I will often highlight some of Amazon's best-priced and deeply-discounted products.  Make sure you Follow us there and give us a Like as well to see some of the deals we come across.

In the meantime, I will put a few Amazon services and discounts on this page.  I will do my best to eliminate outdated ones as they expire, but keep in mind - there is a lot going on at Amazon, and this page may not always be up to date.

Find something on Amazon you want to share?  Create a product you want to share?  Email me at and let's see if we get them shared here and on our facebook page as well.

Happy Shopping!