Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dollar General Offers New Program!

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Honestly, I can tell you, I haven't been a big shopper in the Dollar General stores.  However, a few weeks ago, I had the task of buying A LOT of toys for our Church's AWANA store, and Dollar General is where I went.

To my SURPRISE, I was greeted with very helpful and friendly employees, and oh yeah-one other thing--CHEAP PRICES!  I was able to stock our Church's entire AWANA store for about $100!  Amazing!

The Manager was even so kind as to donate a few items to us that they could no longer sell (a holiday has passed).

However, all that said--Dollar General wasn't a company big on internet and/or printable coupons.  So, it's great to see that they've started this new program for shoppers.  Coupons, sweepstakes, and other goodies seem to be awaiting us inside. (I've already started to notice quite a few freebie/blogging sites posting **FREE** items available in Dollar General stores.)

You can sign up at Dollar General's website....go ahead and sign up.  Who knows what kind of **FREEBIES** lurk in our future!


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