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REVIEW - Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy

*Courtesy Teen Disney


If I could pick one word that sums up Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy, it would be FUN.

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy is a little over two hours long (with one intermission) and goes by fast!

I guess time flies when you are having fun, right? 

Get your food and souvenirs early, before the show begins.  Crowds were thick opening night, so I would suggest giving yourself enough time to stand in line to get inside your venue, grab some food (if eating on-site), and buying your souvenirs.  This gives you time to soak in the Disney magic and get prepared for the show.

Jessee Snow Cones courtesy of Teen Disney

The show opens up with our favorite mice, Mickey and Minnie, entering the ice rink in a red, convertible jalopy.  Unfortunately, the jalopy has a hard time running, and Mickey and Minnie need a little help from all their Disney friends.

*Courtesy of Teen Disney and Glenn Briggs

This is where we get to visit the many different realms of Disney's fantasy worlds.

There are four different Worlds of Fantasy:
  • Cars
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Pixie Hollow
  • Toy Story 3
The first three worlds take up the first half of the show, and Toy Story 3 is given the entire second half.

Personally, Cars is one of my family's favorite movies and collection objects, so for me this was my favorite part of the show.  I loved seeing life-size Lightning, Mater, Sally, Flo, and Ramone cars on the ice!  What's really a treat is that Sally, Flo, and Ramone are rarely (if ever) seen anywhere else (even on Disney property in Florida and California)!

*Courtesy Teen Disney and Glenn Briggs

*Courtesy Teen Disney

 Soon after the Cars characters depart the ice, we are treated to a rousing and abbreviated version of The Little Mermaid.  Ariel was splendid, as always, and Ursula always captivates the littlest Disney fans.  Was so much fun hearing everyone sing along to The Little Mermaid songs we all know and love:

(The video above is not from our performance, but it does give you an idea of the show and Ariel's performance.)

Next up - Pixie Hollow and Tinkerbell.  I will be shorter than usual here - I don't enjoy Pixie Hollow, and I don't enjoy Tinkerbell, so I was disappointed in this segment of the show.  There are so many classic Disney stories and characters to choose from, so why pick Tinkerbell?

I know, I know.  Tink is very popular with today's young Disney fans, and Disney has been more than happy to oblige them by marketing Disney and her fairies to the point of - well - overkill (in my opinion).

Again, I will say that I was very disappointed that Disney chose to give Pixie Hollow what appeared to be the longest segment of the first half.  I saw almost all the adults around me playing with their phones during this segment.  I think it's partly because the characters are new and not quite as charming or enduring to us or that we just don't know them as well as the older characters.  But, then again, I did take my 16-year old, who kept whispering to me, "This is so stupid!  Why would they put Pixie Hollow in the show?"

Next up, intermission and then the "meat" of the show - TOY STORY!

Of course, everyone loves Toy Story.  It is amazing to me that Toy Story now has three movies to it's credit (with another one rumored to be in the works) and each one is just as popular as the ones preceding it.

Disney on Ice presents World of Fantasy proved that point.  People sang along, children stared wide-eyed with jaws dropped, and we all cheered (or jeered) at the appropriate parts.  The stories are tried and true, and we all know them by heart.

That's why we love the characters from Toy Story so much.  They each have their own personality and character, and we are endured to them.  To this day (and I've seen this three times so far), my favorite Disney on Ice Toy Story segment is Ken and Barbie.  I love the interaction between these two toys, I love the "Dream Weaver" bit, and I love Ken showing Barbie his wardrobe through the decades:

(Again, this clip was not from our show, but will give you an idea...)

*Courtesy of Teen Disney and Glenn Briggs

To end the night and to wind up Disney on Ice presents World of Fantasy, Disney treats us to a rousing Grand Finale of  "Move It Shake It" by most of the show characters and brings back our Fabulous Five - Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. 

It's always a lot of fun watching the Green Army Men, Mickey, and other Disney on Ice characters do the Running Man and the Sprinkler.  It gets the crowd smiling and clapping before heading home:

All in all, I would not have missed this show.  I am a self-proclaimed Disney addict and any time Disney comes to town, I am usually there to greet it.

This show is great for all ages - the littlest Disney fans, the adults (like myself), and I actually saw a lot of teens there on dates!  It's a fun, family entertainment show that everyone can enjoy (plus it's pretty amazing to see what these athletes can do on ice skates)!

Another thing -- If you're going, feel free to take your Mickey Ears (if you got 'em) and dress accordingly.  I saw a lot of people with Mickey Ears adorned and plenty of little girls in Princess dresses and tiaras.

When Disney comes to town, it's always special.

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy is in Atlanta through Sunday, May 5th.  Tickets are available through the box office at the Arena at Gwinnett Center or via phone (1.800.745.3000).

You can discover more about Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy at their website or on their facebook page.

*Special thanks to Feld Entertainment for providing an opportunity to promote and review this show.  In exchange for promotion and review, we were given tickets to preview the show while in Atlanta.  All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect any organization I may be associated with.

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