Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gospel Music Nights

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It's that time of year again.  Time for Gospel Music Nights.

Spread the word--I'm serious.  This is possibly one of the best and cheapest North Georgia events around.

Every July, celebrated Southern Gospel group Karen Peck and New River present their annual Gospel Music Nights.  Two nights of open-air singing...I can feel the breeze now...

Honestly folks, this is good 'ole Southern fare.  My family has been going to Karen's Homecoming for the past three or four years, and we love it.  The premise is this--You bring a lawn chair and set up "camp."  That's it!

The rest is handled by Karen and the rest of the Gooch clan.

This year, Karen brings back some of her best friends, including fellow Southern Gospel music act and Georgia neighbors Jeff & Sheri Easter, to help her round out the first night.  If you've never seen Jeff & Sheri, well then-you don't know what you are missing.  Sheri's soulful voice mixed with Jeff's bluegrass and comedic antics, make them a wonderful and fun act to watch.  (On a side note:  Greg & I have been listening and going to see Jeff & Sheri in concert since their oldest child was only 3!  He's now a grown-up and singing in their band, along with their daughter.  Amazing how fast time can fly.)

Along with listening to some great Southern Gospel music under the stars each night, you can also buy some of the best Southern-cooked food in all of North Georgia.  Folks, this is all home-made Southern food, made by Karen & Susan's family members and friends--cakes, beverages, ice cream, and main dishes.  I will tell you that it's worth the price you pay for it.

...and like I mentioned earlier, this festival is put on in a big, family-owned field in North Georgia--Dahlonega to be precise.  Karen and her family have built a small stage that resembles an old wooden church and have situated it at one end of the field.  There is a small creek that runs through the front of the field, and you will often find children running barefoot through it during the concerts.

It's a fun and relaxing evening out, and if you enjoy Southern Gospel music, I encourage you to take the drive up to Dahlonega and try it out.  Each evening features a different line-up of groups, so you might want to check out the schedule before you go.  (My family always goes on Friday night because that's when Jeff & Sheri sing.)  ....and, remember, it's only $12 per person!

Mark your calendar-July 23rd-Dahlonega.  Be there! Ticker

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