Sunday, June 6, 2010 Jumps on the Silly Bandz Craze!

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UPDATE:  This deal is DEAD.

We've all heard about them.  Some of us may even have a house full of them!

Yep, it's those crazy Silly Bandz, and now, is jumping on the bandwagon.  This deal was actually yesterday's Deal of the Day, but it's still available!

Right now, you can get 24 packs of 12 bandz for only $23.99.  I think the shipping is around $5, so that still makes this a crazy deal, when you figure individual packs cost anywhere between $3 and $5 EACH.

Do the math....this is a great deal.  Great for stocking up for birthday gifts, goodie bag ingredients, and teachers' gifts (i.e., the teachers to give to the students).

Visit graveyardmall's website to purchase.

*Thanks to all the bloggers who originally posted this deal! Ticker

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