Monday, June 7, 2010

See The Karate Kid for Only $4.75! Target DVD Offer!

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Okay, this seems to be a crazy hit-or-miss deal, but some of you may want to try it, so I'm going to post it.

Hip2Save has posted that POSSIBLY some Target DVDs of the movie, "Hook," have a sticker on the front of them for one **FREE** e-ticket to see the new movie The Karate Kid.

The DVD is currently selling at Target for only $4.75.  So, for $4.75, you are basically getting a DVD and a movie ticket.

I guess if the movie Hook isn't your thing, you could always donate it....and if you are planning on taking your kids to see this new movie, then $4.75/ticket is still cheaper than some matinee shows around my neck of the woods charge.

To redeem the free movie ticket, you have to enter the code located on the back of the sticker at the specified website.  Each code is good for one (1) ticket valued at up to $10.  The code is good until August 15, and the printed voucher is good until August 31. Ticker

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