Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two More Restaurant Deals & Offers! Cracker Barrel & Ruby Tuesday

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First up-Cracker Barrel.  Yep, I said, "Cracker Barrel."

You don't see too many deals from Cracker Barrel, so it's good to see them jumping on board with the other eating establishments...

Cracker Barrel is introducing a new rewards program called, "Front Porch Friends."  (Doesn't that sound nice?)

Here's how it works.  Like all reward programs, you'll first have to register with Cracker Barrel.  Once registered, you will be able to present your card (or use your telephone number if you don't have your card) to a cashier when you visit.

After four (4) visits or spending $100, you will earn a Seasonal Reward (Cracker Barrel's website says you will have a choice of 1 of 3 seasonal rewards to pick from).  If you visit ten (10) times in one month, you will earn a second (Legends) reward.  (No word on what that reward will be.)

...and to kick things off and for signing up, Cracker Barrel will give you a Welcome Bonus of $5 off your next purchase of $20!  (Show your card during your first visit [after receiving the card], and your $5 credit will be waiting for you at the restaurant.)

(Rumor also has it that Cracker Barrel will be having a huge "Front Porch Sale" this weekend, marking a lot of items down 80%!)

The second restaurant that is offering a new rewards club is Ruby Tuesday.

Join Ruby Tuesday's So Connected "club" to receive special offers such as birthday "treats" and other exclusive goodies.  (This club mirrors the standard clubs most restaurants are using today.)

It's good to see these two restaurants jumping on the loyalty bandwagon.  Companies should be waking up and recognizing brand loyalty and reward the consumers who frequent their establishments.

Maybe more restaurants will follow suit in the future.  Welcome Ruby Tuesday and Cracker Barrel!

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