Monday, July 12, 2010

ArtsCow is at it Again! **FREE** Mousepad (& **FREE** Shipping)!

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You really can't beat artscow for the **FREEBIES**.  They give tons of them away all the time.  Here is another one.  This time, it's a **FREE** mousepad with **FREE** shipping too through facebook!

(I've ordered from them once before [**FREE** coasters], and the product quality was good, so I'm satisfied with their products.)

Here is how to get your **FREE** mousepad from artscow:
  • First, you have to post their deal on your facebook wall.  Use their facebook link.
  • Then, follow their next link to post this deal on your facebook wall.
  • Click on "Check Your Coupon"
  • Grab your coupon code
  • Start making your custom mousepad
  • Add to your shopping cart, with your code, and that's it!
I must admit--I've just spend the last 30 min. trying to make a collage mousepad, and I don't understand the site at all!  I finally gave up.  If you have any luck with this, please let me know.  (I was going to send one to my Mom as a gift.)

*Thanks Hip2Save! Ticker


  1. Mama,,,,, I love you to bits but that was SUPER easy! Done in less then 5 minutes! LOL.........

  2. Thanks for the comment, I think..... :)