Friday, July 9, 2010

Staples Back-to-School Sales

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Okay, here we go girls!  Are all you Moms ready for the run-around-town time again?

Believe it or not, it's time for the back-to-school sales to start up.  Staples is the first one I've seen out of the box.  Starting on Sunday, you can score three items for a penny.

Staples is half-and-half (in my local store anyway) on these deals.  Sometimes, they will have a TON of the items on sale (like the folders above on the left) and sometimes, they will run out of stuff QUICK.  So, to be safe, I would head there by Wednesday at the very latest.

The three main deals Staples has this week are the three penny items pictured above:
  • $.01 two-prong/pocket folders
  • $.01 8-pack pencils
  • $.01 paper ream
I will definitely be checking my kids school lists this weekend and grabbing some folders.  You cannot beat a penny for these folders anywhere, not even Walmart....but Walmart and Target WILL match this price, so if you'd rather not fight the crowds at Staples, take the ad from your local Sunday paper to Walmart or Target and have them price-match it for you.

Happy back-to-school shopping! Ticker

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