Friday, August 13, 2010

More Coldstone Creamery Coupons!

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Not sure if I posted this link already, so I'm doing it again now!

My family (well, okay--"I") loves Coldstone Creamery, and the bad part is that there is one about a mile up the street!  NOT GOOD!

However, I do love it when they throw me out a coupon.  Visit Coldstone Creamery's facebook page, and you can snag a 2/$5 coupon.  The coupon is good for two (2) Like It Create Your Owns (1 mix-in) for only $5.

(Yes, I am well aware that you can buy ice cream at the grocery store cheaper than this!  So, don't send me a note!  I live with a man that tells me that every time I request Coldstone!)

...and I still can't wait to use this coupon!

*Thanks My Atlanta Mommy! Ticker

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