Thursday, August 12, 2010

OshKosh $10 Jeans Sale

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I've blogged about OshKosh before, and I'm doing it again now.

Why I waited so long to shop there, I'll never know.  I have a tall and skinny kid.  After many years of frustrating trips to Walmart, Target, and JCPenny, I finally discovered the OshKosh outlet about 2 minutes from my house.

The jeans in there fit him like a glove--long leg length and adjustable waists!  Hallelujah!  So, of course, I signed up for their e-mail club, and it's been the best thing ever since.  I'm telling you-they run the best deals.

Today, I got another one of their great e-mails--$10 jeans back-to-school sale and a 20% coupon to boot!

Not only is it hard enough to find jeans to fit your kids propertly sometimes, but where can you find them at a decent price?  $10 is about what I want to pay for my boys' jeans, especially since they are so hard on them...and then, if I can get another 20% off-that's just the cherry on top.

You can also visit OshKosh's facebook page for more details and another link to the coupon.

Happy shopping! Ticker

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