Monday, August 2, 2010

ReadySite - An Easy Affiliate Site for Bloggers

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Have you guys ever heard about ReadySite?  I thought I would take a quick second today and post about it for my fellow blogging friends.

Ready site is an affliate site, but the BEST part about ReadySite is that everything is done automatically for you!  You sign up to join their network, pick out the specifics you want (i.e., create your ad), and then copy the code and place it on your blog!

ReadySite will maintain the ad and update it daily for you!  No more remembering to change your ads out or trying to figure out when the ads deactivate.  How great is that?

...and you can always go back in and change your ad or create a new one.  It really is that simple.  To try it out, visit ReadySite's website.  They are offering $25 just for signing up! Ticker

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