Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL Deal - Gerogia Aquarium!

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Fabulous!  Today's ATL Groupon deal is for the Georgia Aquarium!

Here's the scoop:  For $21, you will get a general-admission ticket (up to a $26 value) and a Quick Dip Behind the Scenes Tour ticket (a $15 value) at the Georgia Aquarium.  Nice, huh?

As the world's largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium boasts more than 60 diverse exhibits enriched by more than 8 million gallons of water. Curious schools of family and friends can shake fins with aquatic companions at the interactive, touch-friendly Georgia Explorer gallery, peer into the icy, bloodshot eyes of warm, cuddly beluga whales at Georgia-Pacific's Cold Water Quest gallery, and defy logic at the on-site 4D Theater, which combines brilliant sound, 3-D film, and various sensory stimuli such as the touch of faux tentacles and the attentiveness of whale shark ushers.
The 30-minute Quick Dip tour provides both over- and underwater views of the River Scout exhibit, a rich freshwater environment housing aquatic flora and fauna from Africa, South America, and Asia, along with local critters from Georgia. After high-fiving the Asian small-clawed otters through the glass, Quick Dippers then advance to perch above the Ocean Voyager exhibit. There, wide-eyed land walkers enjoy one-of-a-kind views of the tank below, which teems with three massive manta rays, goliath grouper, hammerhead sharks, VHS copies of Maverick sealed in Ziploc bags, and four of the world's largest fish, the mighty whale shark.
As the world's largest aquarium that houses the world's largest aquarium habitat containing the world's largest living fish species, which owns the world's largest beanie-baby collection, the Georgia Aquarium is an immersive destination for both the aimless explorer and the aqua-fanatic.
*This deal is not valid September 3–6. The Quick Dip Behind the Scenes Tour is subject to availability. High heels are not allowed on the tour.

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