Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's ATL Juice in the City Spotlight

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I love receiving Juice in the City e-mails because so many times, they alert me to places and activities in my city I didn't know about before. 

Today's ATL Juice in the City spotlight shines on Arden's Garden.  (See, another place I've never heard of!)  Here's a little info on Arden's Garden from the Juice in the City website:

The Blue Heron Nature Preserve is a twenty-five acre natural wilderness located just off heavily-trafficked Roswell Road in Atlanta, Georgia. The Blue Heron Nature Preserve is a combination of four pieces of land along and around Nancy Creek.
The Preserve strives to include involving local communities in the preservation and restoration of local greenspace, wetland habitats, stream bank, and riparian corridors along Nancy Creek. This beautiful nature preserve contains a community garden, endless walking trails, and a central bee hive. Visit over 100,000 bees and learn how they go about making honey. You can even visit the beekeeper's blog here!

The Preserve was founded in 2000, sparked by the efforts of a local school teacher and the North Buckhead Civic Association to preserve seven acres of floodplain along Nancy Creek, adjacent to new development on Rickenbacker Drive at Roswell Road. As a community-based effort, the Preserve will continue to grow and provide a place of natural beauty for the local environment.
After visiting the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, head on over to Arden's Garden for a delicious and refreshing glass of freshly squeezed juice. All of their fresh juices and smoothies are made from fruits and vegetables, nothing else. No sweeteners, concentrates, purees, dairy products, or even ice. They use over 20 different fruits and vegetables to make their fresh juices and smoothies. Absolutely superb!
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