Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL Deal - Youthopia!

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Here is today's Groupon ATLanta deal.

For $35, you can get one of three specialty facials (up to a $125 value) at Youthtopia, a med spa in Alpharetta.  (That's a 72% discount!)

Youthtopia's staff of skilled aestheticians provides a variety of skin-soothing services in a beautiful spa environment. Choose one of the following three 60-minute specialty facials:
  • The classic Youthtopia signature facial (a $95 value) is customized to suit your individual skin type, similar to a tailor crafting a perfectly fitted astronaut suit. Besides the deep cleansing, the service includes a Clarisonic treatment, relaxing neck massage, and nasally titillating aromatherapy treatment.

  • The anti-aging facial (a $125 value) returns lost glows, and includes a Vitamin C peel for sloughing away the skin's deadened outer layers, as well as a Vibradermabrasion infusion for handing a groove back to cellular structures.
  • The oxygen facial (a $125 value) infuses skin with the essence of what it needs to survive for a dewy, rejuvenating flesh-aura. This facial includes Vibradermabrasion and an infusion mask for an extra-moisturized frontispiece.
The staff at Youthtopia is supervised by an experienced group of leaders. Relax as you take in the aesthetically sound spa environment around you, from the deeply burnished hardwood floors to potted plant life to the walls that sing songs about eating marshmallows on a lunch break. You'll leave the premises with your skin shimmering like the surface of a lake at twilight, but without skinny-dipping lovebirds constantly frolicking in it.

To take advantage of today's Groupon ATLanta deal, you can visit Groupon Atlanta's website.

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