Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's kgb ATL Deal - Clear Mystique Luxury Cleaning!

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Today's kgb deal for Atlanta is $36 for their eco-friendly Luxury Express package (an $85 value)!

Here is some more information:

Close your eyes and imagine coming home to a clean, fresh smelling, delightful version of your usually messy living space. Now open your eyes and jump on our deal of the day, a whole new kind of cleaning experience from Clear Mystique Luxury Cleaning Services.

The eco-friendly crew will happily get to work dusting, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning windows, and tackling all those bathroom services, all while leaving behind an all natural, earth friendly scent that simultaneously purifies the air quality in your home. You can feel good about a clean house, and feel even better about getting it done without incorporating any harsh chemicals. Put your feet up after work and leave the cleaning to Clear Mystique for a change.
kgb agent insider tip:

Check out the flash and fold laundry service, and for a little extra you can have freshly folded clothing to go along with your sparkling home.

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