Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$10 Coupon from Disney for Beauty & The Beast!

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Love it when Disney releases coupons!  ...and they are doing it again!

As you know, Disney is releasing it's classic movie, "Beauty & The Beast" to theaters again at the end of September - for a very special one-time showing.  After that, they will be re-releasing it to DVD, and in the Disney tradition we have come to love, they are giving us a $10 coupon to help us out with our purchase.

To get the $10 coupon, you must be a member of Disney Movie Rewards and own a previous copy of Beauty and the Beast.  Once you log in, you will need to enter the UPC code off your copy of Beauty and the Beast into the Magic Codes box.

Once you have inputted the code, you should see a clickable banner that will allow you to print out the $10 coupon.  The DVD releases on October 2, so keep your eyes peeled for sales and good coupon match-ups.

I'm depending on you guys to help me find the best deal for all of us!  Happy shopping!

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