Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Living Social Deal - Whitewater Express!

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Today's Living Social deal is from Whitewater Express.  Here are the details:
'Tis the season to drop the remote, prop yourself up from your La-Z-Boy, and venture into the great outdoors (don't worry, you can TiVo the UGA game...). Lucky for you, today's carpe diem-inspired steal of a deal will give you that extra incentive you need: Shell out just $7.50 and score a cabin bunk rental in Copperhill, Tennessee (a $15 value); a deluxe cabin rental for two people for $65 (a $135 value, with the option of adding friends for $15 per person); and two hours worth of paintball with 250 pellets or 90 minutes of horseback riding for just $16 (a $32 value), courtesy of Whitewater Express. With savings this good, you can afford to buy multiple vouchers and turn your night's stay into a long weekend. Besides, you can always wear your Bulldogs T-shirt and haul your TV to the campsite...
 To take advantage of today's Living Social deal, you can visit the Living Social Atlanta website.

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