Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's ATL plum district deal - SimplyChickie WEBSITE!

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The plum district deal for ATL today is a website deal, which means anyone can take advantage of it.  It is from SimplyChickie--$12 for $24 worth of organic cotton baby clothes!  (A 50% savings!)

Here are the details:
It's hard to escape the buzz around organic and sustainable farming. But you can be organic with more than just your milk and your veggies. How about 100% organic cotton baby clothes--with original art designs to boot? 
Simply Chickie founder Gwendolyn began putting her art on clothing while pregnant with her daughter, Elizabeth. She cuts her designs from paper she's found on her world travels and hand paints the details. Once she arranges her art by computer, she transfers it to clothes made from organic cotton, grown traditionally, without the use of pesticides. Gwen uses no dyes in her clothes, just the natural fabric from her suppliers.
Naturally you'd like to put your little one in cute clothes. Now you can do so--naturally!

To take advantage of this great deal, you can visit the ATL plum district website! Ticker

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