Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Groupon ATL deal - the fickle pickle!

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Today's Groupon ATL deal comes to use from Roswell, Georgia - the fickle pickle - $12 for $25 worth of classic southern dinner or $7 for $15 worth of lunch.  Here are the yummy details!
The most common way to experience the Deep South is to find a street magician and hope he pulls a shiny Louisiana state quarter from your ear. Today's Groupon presents another option when there are no illusionists handy: for $12, you get $25 worth of southern cuisine and drink at dinner from The Fickle Pickle, or for $7, you get $15 worth of lunch fare. The charming eatery doles out regional favorites on Canton Street in Roswell.
The Fickle Pickle's menus revolve around a beacon of fresh southern classics brightened with eclectic twists, earning them a bounty of positive praise and a loyal following of regulars. Ignite flavor engines with the renowned Cajun fried pickles, a juicy vinegar crunch accessorized with zesty creole rémoulade ($3.75 for a half size). The brie BLT lures brie cheese, bacon, arugula, and basil mayo into a sourdough trap ($8.25) designed for incisor destruction, and the fried-green-tomato sandwich triple threats taste buds with fried green tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, and a cool tomato jam ($8.25). The multiple personalities of mac 'n' cheese float out of kitchen doors in shades enhanced with pimento cheese and bacon ($8.95), caprese salad components ($8.95), and, of course, with nothing at all ($8.25), similar to the classic 2-D baseball players of yesteryear.
Dinner sandwiches are unapologetically messy, each paired with a suggested number of required napkins. The pimento cheeseburger ($8.95) includes onion rings for a four-napkin par, while the plate-defying creole grouper sandwich ($9.25) has never been consumed on less than five. Rinse off the left-over sauce with a bottle of wine and any left-over can be carried home.
The Fickle Pickle's comfortable atmosphere stems from the contrast between its 19th century Victorian construction, bright and perky interior, and the cheery calm that permeates throughout. Absorb the charm of the cozy indoor area or explore the rustic atmospheres of the barn and cobble-stoned outdoor patio (which features live music every Thursday night). The friendly and helpful staff is available for pairing suggestions or driving directions to France.

To take advanage of this yummy deal, you can visit the Groupon ATL website.

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