Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's Living Social ATL Deal - CrossFit AF!

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Today's Living Social deal for ATL is $41 for one-month of unlimited CrossFit fitness classes.  Here are the details:
Tired of the same stale lift-squat-crunch gym routine? Haul it into high gear with today's high-intensity, sweat-inducing deal: Pay just $41 and score a month of unlimited CrossFit classes at CrossFit AF in Atlanta. Each hour-long CrossFit class incorporates full-body movements and utilizes kettlebells, strength and conditioning exercises, and even the participants' own bodyweight to achieve a full-body workout with lasting results. Led by CrossFit AF's taut team of training experts, you'll be motivated to get in shape and stay that way with the program's innovative approach to fitness. Give the old treadmill the heave ho and get ready to go, go, go.
To take advantage of today's deal, you can visit the Living Social ATL website. Ticker

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