Monday, November 15, 2010

Cellfire - Saving Grocery Coupons to your Grocery Store Card!

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Those of you that coupon already know about this service, but for those of you that don't....

Welcome to Cellfire.  Cellfire is a great tool in helping you reduce your weekly spending at the grocery store.  It's a huge time saver because you don't need to clip any coupons!  You simply pick the coupons you want and load them onto your local grocery store's coupon card (i.e., Kroger Plus card, etc.).

Then, when you purchase those items and check out, the coupons will automatically be deducted from your total!  It's such a great and handy little tool.

If you're new to Cellfire, you can visit the Cellfire website to get more information and details and most importantly, sign up!

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