Saturday, November 20, 2010

DARN THAT TARGET! Fisher-Price Nativity Set - $13.99!

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Years I waited to buy the Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story play set.  Yes, years.  As a Mom and a preschool teacher, I always loved this set.

So when Family Christian bookstores had it for $20, the lowest price I had ever seen on this set, I jumped on it last week. must be Murphy's Law going into effect...because today, I find out that Target (yes, that DARN Target) is putting it on sale TOMORROW as part of their pre-Black Friday 4-day sale at $13.99!

Darn you Target!  Is it worth $6 to run all over town to do a purchase and return?  I don't know...only time (and my mood will tell).

HOWEVER, if you still haven't bought your Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story set, try your luck at your neighborhood Target tomorrow through the 24th to try and snag one for under $15!

To see the entire Target pre-Black Friday adscan, visit the BFAds website (playset is on the 2nd page, I think). Ticker

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